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Executive Overview

Pipp Mobile Leadership

Craig Umans is the President and CEO of Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, Inc. Craig is an experienced store-fixture veteran with 25 plus years in the industry and has strong relationships with key retailers and suppliers. In addition, Craig has vast experience in value-added product development and market share penetration. He has been a market leader partnering with major national retailers to develop stockroom storage solutions that provide maximum inventory capacity through the use of movable shelving systems.

Craig’s industry background enabled him to identify and complete numerous acquisitions that allowed him to help build one of the largest store-fixture manufacturers in the industry with revenues of 250 million annually. This company had 14 Manufacturing locations and several international partnerships in the Far East and Europe, including a joint venture.

Pipp Mobile is the market leader of backroom storage products and will continue to add products and services to maintain its position as the leader in the industry.