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Cash Wrap Storage System

Hanger Storage System Cashwrap

Hangbar Open

The Cash Wrap Hanger Storage System is used to temporarily store hangers under cash wrap as purchased merchandise is removed from hanger. This system is available with an optional "sliding" feature.

The Sliding Cash Wrap Hanger Storage System has the hangbars installed on retractable guides allowing for convenient, easy access to the hangbars when the system is in use and then the unit can be retracted out of the way, inside cabinetry, when not in use.

The Cash Wrap Storage System houses 2 hangbars per unit; each hangbar has the overall hanger capacity of 80 - 100 hangers per unit (depending on length).

The Sliding Cash Wrap Hanger Storage System requires 10" of vertical clearance (including the hanger). These units may be stacked as under counter clearance permits.