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Hangbar Features

HSS Hangbar Open

Open Hangbar

HSS Hangbar closed

Closed Hangbar

HSS Hangbar Closeup

Hangbar Closeup

HSS Hangbar Attachment

Attachment Detail

The Hangbar for our Hanger Storage Systems is constructed of all steel and has a brilliant chrome plated finish. Our exclusive, patent-pending hangbar design incorporates an infinitely adjustable locking bar which is easily engaged by compressing tabbed spring loaded pins on each end of the hangbar. When the locking bar is engaged it secures hangers into place during transport or for storage. The hangbar’s design is compatible with virtually every type and style of hanger; from plastic, wood, wire and recycled to pant, shirt, child, clip and padded styles. The hangbars are secured to one of our exclusive Hanger Storage Systems by locking into octagon-shaped, plastic clips that are attached to the frame of each Hanger Storage System. The hangbars come in lengths of 21”, 24” and 30”. The 21” hangbar is capable of holding up to 40 hangers; the 24” hangbar can hold 45 hangers; and the 30” hanger can hold 50 hangers.