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Series 100 Lateral Mobile Storage System

Denstor Series 100 Lateral Open Shelf Filing System

Denstor Series 100 Lateral File Drawers

Denstor Series 100 Open Shelf Filing

Denstor’s Series 100 Lateral Mobile Storage System gives you increased storage capacity in an orderly, conveniently accessible storage system. When floor space is limited and materials are accessed frequently, Series 100 provides a unique solution to maintaining additional records and inventory.

  • Ideal for maximizing space and storage for frequently accessed materials
  • Fixed main aisles provide virtually unlimited access to stored material by multiple members of personnel
  • Space savings up to 40%
  • More than 50% of stored materials are exposed at all times
  • Retrieval times enhanced by placing more materials along the main aisles
  • Optional foot stops secure shelving units to prevent unintentional closing
  • Easily expanded or relocated to facilitate system growth
  • Series 100 track conforms to ADA specifications
  • ITAT Track Systems Available

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