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Series 200 Compacting Mobile Storage System

Denstor Series 200 ITAT Supply Storage Rivet Style Shelving

Denstor Series 200 Wire Shelving Heavy Duty Track

Denstor Series 200 Handbag and Accessories Storage

Denstor’s Series 200 Compacting Mobile Storage System provides maximum storage density and space savings. The Series 200 compacts rows of shelving units, eliminating unnecessary aisles between units to increase storage capacity by as much as 400%. Because Denstor carriages and track allow easy movement of shelving, one mobile aisle can be used to access the entire system.

  • Track conforms to ADA specifications
  • Carriages will easily move up to 3,000 lbs. on ranges up to 12’ in length.
  • Low-profile tracks require no decking of false floors while maintaining easy foot and cart accessibility
  • Retrieval times enhanced by placing more material along the main aisle
  • Space savings up to 400%
  • System access through just one mobile aisle
  • Easily expanded or relocated to accommodate system growth
  • ITAT Track Systems Available

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