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Electrical Carriage

Electrical Carriages are typically used in large retailer, “big-box” i.e. electronics and appliances, library, equipment, warehouse and industrial storage environments.

Electrical Carriage Details
Electrical Carriage Electric Motor

Electrical Carriage Control Panels


  • System is UL approved and uses standard industrial control components.
  • Carriage is available with the Flat Track System.
  • Overall construction is an assembly of formed “C” channel side members and steel weldment wheel channels.
  • Height of the electrical carriage and track is 6-1/8”.
  • Wheels are 4-3/4” diameter, flanged carbon steel. Drive wheels on one side of carriage.
  • Control Panel is 5-3/8” deep.
  • Carriages have 1/3 HP gear motor - 115 v 4 amp input voltage with syncro drive reduction.
  • Up to (5) electrical carriages can run on one 20 amp circuit.
  • Power distribution box has it’s own service switch and breaker.
  • System is capable of operating in manual and automatic cycles.
  • Only 7 electrical connections per carriage required for installation.
  • System includes 3 safety features: photo electric eye, mechanical shut-off, stall sensor to detect spinning drive wheels.
  • Standard powder coated finish of control panel and carriage is gray.
  • Maximum length of the carriage is 32’; maximum depth is 72”.
  • Overall weight capacity is 45,000 lbs.

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