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Heavy Duty Manual Carriage

Heavy-Duty Manual Carriage is the most suitable option when storing materials such as furnishing, small appliances and electronics, densely stored supplies, large record and filing storage, archival storage, apparel and shoe storage.

Heavy Duty Manual Carriage Details
Heavy Duty Flat Track wheel detail edit resized

Heavy Duty Flat Track carriage detail edit resized


  • Carriage is available with the Flat Track System
  • Overall construction is an assembly of 3-3/8” x 2” aluminum angles (for length) and 3-7/32” x 1-7/8” aluminum channels (for depth). 
  • Height of the carriage and track is 4-5/16”.
  • Carriage dimensions equal storage unit dimensions plus 1/4”
  • Carriage frame is heat-treated aluminum.
  • Wheels are 3-1/4” diameter, 1215 dual flanged carbon steel and run a 3/4” wide steel insert on the 1/2” high flat track.
  • Standard carriage color is silver aluminum with black trim (carriage corners & center plates).
  • Recommended maximum length of the carriage is 12’.
  • Overall weight capacity is 3,000 lbs. per carriage. This carriage can handle significantly more weight; however, it is a matter of what the average person can move comfortably without mechanical assistance.

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