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Mechanical-Assist Carriage

Mechanical-Assist Carriage’s versatility allows for it to be used simply as a matter of preference in virtually any storage situation; however, ideal applications are “big-box” storage environments, warehouse storage, X-Ray or large record storage, archival storage, apparel storage, shoe storage, equipment storage, RTA furniture and appliance storage.

Mechanical-Assist Carriage Details
Mechanical Assist Carriage Closeup

Mechanical Assist Carriage Wheel


  • Carriage is available with the Flat Track System
  • Overall construction is an assembly of 3-3/8” x 2” aluminum angles (for length) and 3-7/32” x 1-7/8” aluminum channels (for depth).
  • Height of the mechanical-assist carriage and track is 4-5/16”.
  • Carriage dimensions equal storage unit dimensions plus 1/4”.
  • Carriage frame is heat-treated aluminum.
  • Wheels are 3-1/4” diameter, 1215 dual flanged carbon steel and run a 3/4” wide steel insert on the 1/2” high flat track.
  • Carriages have mechanically assisted 16:1 ratio drive system which drives wheels the full length of the carriage.
  • Low-Profile, 5-1/2” deep Drive Box Assembly attaches to the carriage and houses the drive system that moves the carriage approximately 3-1/2” per handle turn and includes safety parking lock.
  • Standard carriage color is silver aluminum with black drive box cover, carriage corners & center plates.
  • Recommended maximum length of the carriage is 24’; applications beyond this length should be approved by Pipp.
  • Overall weight capacity is 1000 lbs. per linear foot of carriage.

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