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Bulk Rack Shelving System

Bulk Rack Shelving is the best choice for storing heavy, bulky items. It allows clear and convenient access from front or rear. Shelf spans of 96” W x 54” D are available. Uprights are pre-welded for fast assembly and strength. Each unit can handle load capacities up to 10,000 pounds. Beams incorporate a unique tapered finger design attachment that locks beams safely onto uprights. Two styles of beams and deck supports lets you choose between several different shelf options.

Bulk Rack Shelving Details
Bulk Rack Shelving Upright and Beam

Bulk Rack Shelving Particle Board Shelf

Typical Storage Applications

  • Retail Storage - shoe, handbag, cosmetics, small and large boxed merchandise, electronics, appliances, furniture, housewares, warehouse
  • Office & Filing Storage - archival storage, office supply
  • Healthcare Storage - archival record, supply storage
  • Material Handling Storage - parts storage, stock replenishing, tool room, warehouse
  • Hospitality Storage - supply storage, archival record storage
  • Restaurant Storage - beverage, supply, appliances, equipment

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Bulk Rack Shelving Industrial Storage

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Bulk Rack Shelving Kitchen Supply Storage

Bulk Rack WarehouseStorage

Bulk Rack Shelving Resturant Supply Storage

Bulk Rack Shelving