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Clip Style Shelving System

Clip Style Shelving is the system of choice when heavy duty steel shelves are required. It is a strong, versatile and cost effective shelving system. Clip Style Shelving features steel shelves with a welded box beam construction, lapped/welded corners and triple bends on the side flanges. Shelves attach with compression clips and come in three styles to match a range of load capacities up to 1,000 pounds per shelf. These high performance shelves are available in eighteen different sizes, either 20 or 22 gauge steel. Accessories like bin dividers, shelf drawers, panel kits, locking doors, label holders and mezzanine components help you customize the system to your needs.

Clip Style Shelving Details
Clip Style Shelving Upright

Typical Storage Applications

  • Office & Filing Storage - archival storage, office supply, drawer storage, cabinet storage, bin storage
  • Healthcare Storage - archival record, supply storage, drawer storage, cabinet storage, bin storage
  • Material Handling Storage - parts storage, stock replenishing, tool room, warehouse
  • Hospitality Storage - supply storage, archival record storage

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Clip Style Shelving

Clip Style Shelving Cabinet Storage

Clip Style Shelving Shelf Storage

Clip Style Shelving Drawer Storage