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Tab Style Shelving System

Tab Style Shelving enhances any area with superior design and product quality. The “Box” form creates incredible durability and the powder coating minimizes sharp edges and provides an attractive, smooth finish. This shelving system is comprised of two 16-gauge uprights with tabs for mounting shelves and accessories. 18-gauge metal spreaders are riveted to the uprights creating a rigid framework. The metal “Box” shelves are constructed of 22-gauge steel with a weight capacity that varies based on size. Shelves are simply inserted into tabs on uprights without any additional hardware or clips making for easy assembly and relocation of this shelving. Standard paint finish is sand but gray is also available.

Tab Style Shelving Details
Tab Style Shelving Zoom

Tab Style Shelving Fold and Hang Apparel Storage

Tab Style Mobile Shelving Gray


SHELF: Varying weight capacity based on size, constructed of 22-gauge steel, with full welded “BOX” for in front and back of the shelf forming channels on both ends. All shelves have a profile of 1-5/16". Shelves attach to tabs in uprights without clips or hardware

UPRIGHTS: Consists of two posts and spreaders riveted together into a rigid framework. The posts are constructed of 16-gauge steel, formed in a “U” channel with two legs. The spreaders are constructed of 18-gauge steel formed into a “C” Channel.

X BRACES: Constructed of 18-gauge steel are riveted together in the center and attach to the uprights to form an “X” in the rear of the unit

HANGBAR: Consist of two “U” shaped beams that mount to the uprights like the shelves. Standard pins and clips secure the hang bar in position.

PAINT FINISH: Standard color is sand. All parts are uniformly finished with a powder coating to ensure complete and even coverage and to provide a smooth, attractive surface.

Typical Storage Applications

  • Retail Storage - fold & hang apparel, shoe, handbag, cosmetics, small and large boxed merchandise, electronics, appliances, furniture, housewares, warehouse
  • Office & Filing Storage - archival storage, office supply
  • Healthcare Storage archival record, supply, linens
  • Material Handling Storage - parts storage, stock replenishing, tool room, warehouse
  • Hospitality Storage - laundry room, linens, supply, archival record, luggage storage room
  • Restaurant Storage - beverage, supply, appliances, equipment, linens

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Tab Style Shelving Folded Apparel Storage

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Shoe Shelving

Tab Style Mobile Shelving Sand