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Capacity Analysis

Capacity Analysis

Pipp Mobile will provide a capacity analysis on all drawings. The capacity analysis can be expressed in a variety of different ways to meet your needs.
The most common form is through linear feet of shelves or filing inches. In place of a generic capacity analysis, Pipp can provide a customer specific analysis based on specific product information upon request (i.e. number of shoe boxes, garments or files being stored).

In most instances, the increase in capacity from traditional freestanding shelving to high-density mobile shelving is 40% to 80%. The shape of the room will be the ultimate factor in the increased percentage high density mobile shelving can provide.

A guide on maximizing storage solutions efficiency through cutting-edge racking systems, this guide invites you to explore the latest trends in technology. Streamline with efficient racking systems and uncover the role of capacity analysis to elevate your storage solutions capabilities for unparalleled efficiency. Thank you for joining us on this insightful journey.

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