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Free Floor Plan Design

Free Floor Plan Design

Pipp Mobile provides a free floor plan design. We can do this several different ways depending on what meets your needs. The preferred method is through AutoCAD files provided by architects. However with some basic room information, we can provide an AutoCAD drawing of the space. We request a basic drawing of the room notating wall dimensions, ceiling height, columns, electrical panels and other items that may hinder us from applying shelving to an area.

Our experienced account managers will expertly incorporate floor plan design to optimize the stock room in the most cost-effective way possible, while maximizing the available space for storage. They will take into consideration what is being stored, the flow of the room, and the amount of accessibility to effectively manage the storage system.

The end design will include a drawing of the stock room with shelving labeled for the various stock items, track dimensions and a capacity analysis to illustrate the gain from traditional stock shelving and high density mobile shelving.


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