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Commitment To Green

Commitment To Green

A commitment to environmental sustainability, including a steadfast green commitment, sustainable business practices, and eco-friendly solutions, is becoming more essential to today’s world. Pipp is doing its part as a responsible manufacturer by having processes in place to minimize the impact on the environment, ensuring its operations are aligned with the principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Recycled Content

The primary materials used in our manufacturing are steel and aluminum. Whenever possible we use materials with a high percentage of recycle content.

  • In general aluminum is 60% recycled and steel is 72%.
  • Aluminum is all pre-consumer recycled.
  • Steel is approximately 14% pre-consumer and 58% post-consumer recycled.
  • Pipp can provide project specific information for the recycled content of the aluminum and steel used.


Our manufacturing process is designed to minimize waste materials by ensuring maximized use out of the aluminum and steel we use. All waste that is generated during production is recycled. Packaging materials are also recycled where applicable. Our offices also participate in paper and toner cartridge recycling programs.

Lean Manufacturing

All of Pipp’s products are designed with a minimal amount of parts and are easy to assemble. Much of the assembly is completed at our plant to save time and resources for the end user. Our manufacturing facility is set up to minimize time, energy and resources. This is a continually improved process.

Vendor Partnerships

We align ourselves with vendors who share our same commitment to the environment and practice responsible manufacturing, emphasizing green commitment, sustainable business practices, and eco-friendly solutions.

High-density mobile shelving can play a pivotal role in your building project and obtaining LEED certification. Mobile shelving is “green” by design, embodying our commitment to sustainable business practices and eco-friendly solutions. The utilization of mobile shelving allows more storage in less space. This can be beneficial in allowing the use of an existing building that may have been outgrown or by freeing up critical space for other uses, further underscoring our green commitment. Mobile shelving can also be beneficial in reducing the overall size of the building, thus cutting down on construction materials and reducing energy consumption and costs, aligning with eco-friendly solutions.

Pipp Mobile has three types of movable systems to meet various storage needs, all designed with sustainable business practices in mind. The three systems are manual, mechanical, and electrical. The manual system is used in lighter storage applications and is moved by pushing or pulling the shelving, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly solutions. The mechanical system is used for heavier applications and uses a handle to move the shelving. The handle turns a shaft that runs the length of the mobile base, allowing for even movement from one end to the other, showcasing our dedication to sustainable and efficient storage solutions. The electrical system operates automatically at the push of a button and can handle loads up to 45,000 pounds, exemplifying our commitment to innovative and green storage solutions.

To learn more about our wide variety of storage products and applications that reflect our green commitment, sustainable business practices, and eco-friendly solutions, please review our website. With further questions, please feel free to contact our certified LEED professional, Greg Wesorick, at 616-988-4087.


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