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Wire Style Shelving

Wire Style Shelving is NSF approved. Wire shelving reduces dust build-up, allows free light and air circulation, increases sprinkler effectiveness and improves visibility. It is fast and easy to install with no special tools required. Wire shelving can be safely secured to Pipp’s unique mobile carriages using Intermediate Wire Post Brackets to create a lateral or compacting mobile configuration. Wire Style Shelving provides the strength, durability and cleanliness needed in many storage markets, making it the appropriate storage solution for healthcare, hospitality and restaurant storage applications and other sanitary or clean environments.

Shelving Uprights

Wire Style Shelving Uprights are constructed of 16 GA tubing that are marked every 5” and the shelves are adjustable on 1” increments. The uprights each have adjustable feet for leveling of the unit. The shelving units can be combined in a variety of confi gurations to maximize the storage area. Additional units can be combined side by side or joined back to back with the use of “S” Hooks and Post Clamps. Wire side and back panels can also be applied to provide security and separation of stored materials. There are a variety of heights available, however standard heights are 63”, 74” and 86”.

Wire Shelves

Wire Style Shelving Shelves are constructed of stainless steel shelf ribs that run front to back, allowing items to slide on and off shelves smoothly. Shelf Adaptors are used to secure each corner to the uprights. The shelves are assembled in minutes without the use of any special tools. Standard shelf sizes range from 14”, 18”, 21” and 24” deep by 24”, 30” 36”, 42” 48” 60” and 72” wide. Shelf capacities vary according to size but they range from 400 lbs. – 800 lbs. per shelf. Contact Pipp for additional information on non-standard sizes, accessories or specific weight capacities.


  • Retail Storage – fold apparel, shoe, handbag, cosmetics, small and large boxed merchandise, electronics, appliances, housewares, warehouse
  • Office & Filing Storage – archival storage, office supply
  • Restaurant Storage – beverage, supply, appliances, equipment, linens, dry & cold food storage
  • Healthcare Storage – supply, linens, sterile storage
  • Material Handling Storage – parts storage, stock replenishing, tool room, warehouse
  • Hospitality Storage – laundry room, linens, supply, luggage storage room, dry & cold food storage
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