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Clip Style Shelving

Clip Style Shelving is the system of choice when heavy duty steel shelves are required. It is a strong, versatile, and cost-effective shelving system. Clip Style Shelving, or Metal Shelf Clips Shelving, features steel shelves with a welded box beam construction, lapped/welded corners, and triple bends on the side flanges. Shelves attach with compression clips, also referred to as metal shelf clips, and come in three styles to match a range of load capacities up to 1,000 pounds per shelf. These high-performance shelves are available in eighteen different sizes. Metal shelves are available in 20 and 22 gauge steel, and circle perforated shelves are available in 22 gauge steel. Accessories like bin dividers, shelf drawers, panel kits, locking doors, label holders, and mezzanine components help you customize the system to your needs.

Heavy Beaded Post

Heavy beaded post shall be constructed of 14 gauge steel formed into a hollow “T” formation with a profile of 2 13/16” deep.   The post shall be designed in such a manner that allows the shelf clip to recess into the post allowing the shelf to sit flush with the post.   Shelf shall have a recess with slots, in the recess, to accept shelf clip. The post shall have holes to allow shelf to be bolted to the upright.   Shelf shall be adjustable on 1” centers using either bolts or shelf clips.

End Upright

End upright shall be constructed of 14gauge steel, formed into an angle formation with one leg of the angle being 1” and the other leg being 1 7/8”.   The 1 7/8” leg shall have ½” deep offset with the square slots to accept the shelf clips and to allow shelves to fit flush with the post face.   Each face shall have holes to allow shelves to be bolted into place on either leg of the post. Shelves are adjustable on 1” centers using either bolts or shelf clips.


Shelves shall be constructed of 20 or 22 gauge steel with full welded “BOX” formation in front and back of the shelf and shall have the formed channels on both ends. All corners shall be fully lapped and welded at two points in each corner. The “BOX” formation shall be welded on a minimum of 3” centers and the entire length of the box. All shelves shall have a profile height of 1 5/16”.   Shelves shall be designed to allow for use of shelf clips or to allow for shelf to be bolted to the uprights.

Perforated Shelves

The perforated shelves are constructed of the same materials and have the same construction as the standard Q and Q2 shelves.   The interior of the shelves are perforated with 0.375” diameter holes on 0.3” horizontal offset centers and 0.36” vertical offset centers. The water flow through for the perforated area is 51%.   This is only for the perforated area not the total surface.   The box form is considered a structural component and dos not require perforation.

Shelf Clip

Shelf clip shall be constructed of 13 gauge steel formed into a channel with two hooks to engage upright.   Hooks on clip shall be a minimum of 3/8” wide and must engage into post a minimum of ¼”. Shelf clip shall engage upright post at two points and hooks shall be on 1” centers or more to give added strength and rigidity. Shelf clip shall be plated with durable coating to give extra life to the clip.

Sway Braces

Sway braces are of 11 gauge steel, installed to form an “X” on both end and sides and shall be adjustable on 1” centers.

End and Back Panels

Panels shall be formed of 24 gauge steel.


Bulk Storage Units are fabricated of high quality, cold rolled carbon steel, free of scale or rust and fully pickled. Exposed edges, corners and surface areas are from of sharp edges and all workmanship is of the highest quality as measured by the industry.  


All steel components shall be thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized from rust resistance in a five-stage pre-treatment process. A high grade of polyester/epoxy powder paint is to be applied electrostatically with a gloss reading of between 55 and 65.   The finish shall have a salt spray rating of 250 hours or more.                                                                                                                                                                             


  • Office & Filing Storage – archival storage, office supply, drawer storage, cabinet storage, bin storage
  • Healthcare Storage – archival record, supply storage, drawer storage, cabinet storage, bin storage
  • Material Handling Storage – parts storage, stock replenishing, tool room, warehouse
  • Hospitality Storage – supply storage, archival record storage

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