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In-Track Anti-Tip Track

In-Track Anti-Tip is 5.34″ wide, .5” at its highest point, and is made from precipitation hardened aluminum. There is no adjustability within the track for this style. The ITAT Track is specifically designed to be used with our carriages with the In-Track Anti-Tip tab. The track has a slot in the track where the anti-tip tab is located.

EZ-Trak Anti-Tip

EZ-Trak Anti-Tip consists of an EZ-Trak base with an EZ-Trak carriage anti-tip arm which prevents shelving from tipping. The EZ-Trak anti-tip arm is free to travel in the EZ-Trak base as the carriage is moved along the track. If the carriage begins to tip, the arm immediately engages the base rail. Installed, the EZ-Trak base is secured by being positioned directly under the rear stationary storage units and mobile storage unit secured to the carriage by attaching the unit to the carriage corner plates using supplied attaching screws. Not recommended for units exceeding 88-1/4” in height.

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