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Pallet Rack Style Shelving

Pallet Rack Shelving provides the widest ranges of flexibility for your pallet and heavy duty storage needs. Stocking vertically and horizontally maximizes available space without crushing inventory, while having the ability to access each individual load. Only two basic components, beams and frames, are required in a variety of sizes according to load requirements up to 100,000 lbs. Pallet Racking installs quickly without tools and re-adjusts easily for specific applications.

Upright Assemblies

(Single Upright) consist of two parallel upright posts joined by a truss like arrangement of channels. Each post has a footplate with a hole for floor mounting. Entire assembly is painted. Uprights utilized the industry standard Tear Drop / Riveted Beam End Plate Design. Frames are one piece MIG welded of 55 KSI hi-strength steel. Frame capacities range depending on the load requirements, but can handle weight loads between 16,000 and 37,000 lbs.


Step Beams feature 55KSI hi-strength steel that is continuously hi-frequency seam welded on tube mill. There are several beam profi les to choose from depending on the storage needs. Depending on the length of the beam and the size of the beam the load capacity ranges from 670 lbs. to 12,600 lbs. a beam.


Hi-Gloss, Durable Powder Coat Finish. The high strength steel racking components start with a multi-stage phosphate bath prior to electrostatic coasting then backing. The result is an abrasion resistant fi nish second to none.


• Row Spacer / Wall Tie

• Cross Beam Supports

• Post Protectors

• Aisle Guards

• Wire Decking

• Solid Steel Decking


  • Retail Storage – large boxed merchandise, electronics, appliances, furniture, housewares, warehouse
  • Office & Filing Storage – archival storage
  • Healthcare Storage – archival storage, equipment storage, large supply storage
  • Material Handling Storage – parts storage, stock replenishing, tool room, warehouse, box storage, equipment storage
  • Hospitality Storage – supply storage, archival record storage
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