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Greenhaus Industries is now a division of Pipp Horticulture

Pipp Horticulture acquires Greenhaus Industries

Pipp is expanding our capabilities
to help you expand your business!

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Grow More™ – we take you there by taking you UP!

Pipp Mobile Storage Systems is your go-to provider for movable vertical racking systems that maximize cultivation space. With over 40 years experience serving the nation’s top retailers, we’ve engineered lower-cost solutions that can exponentially grow your production without adding an inch to your footprint! Imagine doubling or tripling your canopies with a more efficient workflow! Our mobile, multi-level rack, and tray system is the most cost-effective investment you can make.

Now that LED technology is outperforming traditional HPS lights by up to 25%, single-tier facilities are giving way to multi-level vertical farms. Vertical farming equals greater yield, reduces operating costs, and increases overall revenue per square foot by as much as 3 times!

Pipp Mobile offers full design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and service throughout the United States and Canada.  Here are a few key benefits you will receive when you roll with Pipp:

    • Easily integrated with irrigation & drainage systems, lighting, airflow, and other elements necessary for operations.
    • We typically ship in 2-3 weeks after design approval.
    • Installation fully included with purchase and performed by Pipp’s certified, licensed team of installers.
    • NSF certified product solutions available.
    • Pipp structural engineering department provides safety and seismic zone compliance reviews on every project.
    • No facility is too large or too small.
    • Low Cost. High Value. Dependable and Trusted.


National Cannabis Industry Association 2018 Member

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“I know everyone here at Pipp takes great pride in building products in the USA.”


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