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Denstor has designed and manufactured mobile storage systems, including mobile shelving units and high-density storage solutions, since its introduction of the original V-Groove Track and Carriage Systems in 1972. The product line has since evolved into providing high-density mobile storage systems for the office, industrial, healthcare storage systems, hospitality, and retail storage environments with over 40,000 Denstor systems manufactured.

Denstor Carriages are specifically built to fit the storage medium footprint whether Four-Post Shelving, Rivet Shelving, Wire Shelving, Industrial Clip Type Shelving, Bulk Rack, Retail Tab Style, or Storage and File Cabinets.

Key Features

Denstor Series 100 Specifications

Denstor’s Series 100 Lateral Mobile Storage System gives you increased storage capacity in an orderly, conveniently accessible storage system. When floor space is limited and materials are accessed frequently, Series 100 provides a unique solution to maintaining additional records and inventory.

  • Ideal for maximizing space and storage for frequently accessed materials
  • Fixed main aisles provide virtually unlimited access to stored material by multiple members of personnel
  • Space savings up to 40%
  • More than 50% of stored materials are exposed at all times
  • Retrieval times enhanced by placing more materials along the main aisles
  • Optional foot stops secure shelving units to prevent unintentional closing
  • Easily expanded or relocated to facilitate system growth
  • Series 100 track conforms to ADA specifications
  • ITAT Track Systems Available

Denstor Series 200 Specifications

Denstor’s Series 200 Compacting Mobile Storage System provides maximum storage density and space savings. The Series 200 compacts rows of shelving units, eliminating unnecessary aisles between units to increase storage capacity by as much as 400%. Because Denstor carriages and track allow easy movement of shelving, one mobile aisle can be used to access the entire system.

  • Track conforms to ADA specifications
  • Carriages will easily move up to 3,000 lbs. on ranges up to 12’ in length.
  • Low-profile tracks require no decking of false floors while maintaining easy foot and cart accessibility
  • Retrieval times enhanced by placing more material along the main aisle
  • Space savings up to 400%
  • System access through just one mobile aisle
  • Easily expanded or relocated to accommodate system growth
  • ITAT Track Systems Available

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It’s true, the majority of retailers chose Pipp. Our products can be found in retail locations around the globe. However, we service all markets where maximizing storage space is of critical importance.

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